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Periodontal (Gum) Disease

Periodontal or gum disease comes in two stages. The first is gingivitis, a treatable, reversible condition which is often asymptomatic but may manifest in red, swollen gums that can bleed upon brushing or flossing. Bad breath and a sour taste in the mouth are also common symptoms. Gingivitis is caused by a bacterial build-up throughout the tooth and gum line. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms it is important to arrange a consultation and receive treatment before it turns into periodontitis.

Periodontitis is a more serious stage of gum disease which is characterised by further inflammation of the gums, bone loss, and can also lead to teeth loss if untreated. Research shows that this can contribute to the development of heart disease and increase the risk of stroke. It can also pose a serious threat to those with health problems such as diabetes, respiratory disease or osteoporosis. Although this stage cannot be reversed it can be effectively treated before it advances.

American Academy of Periodontology, The Mouth-Body Connection - April 2011

Gum disease is incredibly common, with most people experiencing some form of it throughout their life. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or think you may have periodontal disease, contact our friendly team to arrange a consultation.

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