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Newcastle Family Dental provides patients with customised double laminated mouthguards. Being custom moulded to suit your mouth, these mouthguards provide the essential protection against injury and trauma when participating in sports or an active lifestyle.

‘Off the shelf’ or store bought mouthguards can only offer a limited level of protection and often offer no protection at all for the molars. Conversely, a custom fitted mouthguard is a lasting and durable appliance to provide your mouth with the maximum level of protection. Its form fit, specifically designed shape and ‘cushioning effect’ enhance protection and reduce the effect of facial trauma to the mouth. Finally, a custom fitted mouthguard, unlike store bought ones, will allow effective communication and breathing, enhancing your sporting experience.

Available in a range of colours we can tailor them to suit most Australian sports teams.

Contact our friendly team to arrange a consultation and safeguard your smile.

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