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Stop Snoring – Sleep Apnoea

During Sleep Apnoea a blockage occurs in your throat which can cause the loose soft tissues in your throat to vibrate, producing the sound we know as snoring. However, snoring can often be the sign of a more serious condition called obstructive sleep apnoea. When a blockage of  your throat occurs it results in an insufficient flow of oxygen reaching your brain, and your breathing is reduced or stopped for a few seconds up to several minutes. Your sleep then gets interrupted and spasms momentarily wake you up so a normal breathing pattern can be resumed. This process can take place numerous times throughout the night, without you even realising it. However, common symptoms include snoring, waking up feeling thirsty or dehydrated as well as a constant feeling of fatigue.

At Newcastle Family Dental we can often provide a solution to this problem with our anti-snoring appliance, which will hold your jaw in a more forward position while you sleep to help your airways open wider, creating a calmer air flow.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms described above, contact our friendly team to arrange a consultation.

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